Welcome to the dark side

My sick & demented love for villains…


I love villains, and I’m not talking about “bad boys”, that are misunderstood. I'm talking about, no conscious, world dominating, dictating, evil bastards, that lights their cigarettes w/ orphans.

why do I love villains?

They’re hilarious.

They have the best snaps and comebacks

And they’re very smart and calculating

They’re blah zee blah attitude towards people’s feelings & welfare is horrific!... and I love it!

Their raw passion & desire to control the outcome of the game they’re playing, the game of world domination is compelling…. It makes me feel a little bit evil

just a little bit….

Or maybe I love villains because I have a creepy fantasy to tame a wild beast into submission…

But I’m not a psychotherapist, nor do I care to be.

I just love villains

Hot sexy evil villains!