You’re not like the rest of the other guys…you’re evil… …and I love it!


In my last post I talked about my love for villains, but I didn’t tell you who my

2 favorites were,

Meet my number one favorite villain…

Valentine Morgenstern

“VM”… wow I love him! He’s amazing!

He’s so smart & cold calculating that he makes my inner Harlequin, want to come out and say hello…(lol) “VM” radiates power & strength! His raw passion & dedication is a sight to see. Like I said earlier he is a dedicated man, who believes in his cause, & will do anything necessary to make everything go as planned! And plus he’s a family man.


Sadly I can’t tell you the name of my 2nd FAV villain…

B/c that’s a spoiler


And there is a but…

I could give you a few hints…

Hint#1: He’s from the TMI series.

Hint#2: His hair is so blond it looks white

Hint#3: He has greater demon blood in him

Since I can’t reveal his name, I’ll refer to him as “JMSV”(lol)



My love for “JMSV” is true! It’s epic! And no one can make me not love him! I know he’s evil and probably light his cigarettes with orphans, but to me it shows courage & determination to do what you feel is right, no matter what everyone else says.

How can you not love him? He’ll set the world on fire for you…. And all he really wants & needs is love, and I’ll be honored for the privilege!