Spotlight: Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer


“SM” brought me into the world of reading at the tender age of 15 in 2008.

Sure I read other books before reading SM’s, but it was nothing serious…. But there I was a 15 yr old girl, who never read anything remotely paranormal.

(not even Harry Potter…I wasn’t allowed but that’s another story!) Picture me in this little book store, being forced to pick out a book to read.

I was looking around and didn’t see anything that caught my interest, but then I saw this book cover of these creepy a** hands holding an apple… I briefly recall this girl in my class reading this book and not thinking anything of it, except that she was weird to willfully read a big a** book when she could be doing anything else like texting or gossiping…. Anyways, there I was in the book store looking at Twilight, in all its creepiness and I decided take it back home with me. I read the front and back and realized 3 things…

  1. This book was going to have some big a** words in it
  2. It was about vampires
  3. I was scared sh*tless to read it


                                                  And then I was obsessed!

I couldn’t stop reading it… I didn’t want to do anything but read.

I was in F*ck’n Narnia! I was sucked into a world of awesomeness filled w/ juicy goodness!... when I wasn’t reading twilight I was thinking about it, quoting it, &looking for other books like it & then rereading Twilight b/c they couldn’t compare(THEY DIDN’T EVEN SPARKLE! Lol jk they just weren’t good enough) any ways I was obsessed…

“SM” opened up my mind to reading. She the reason I read Harry Potter (even though it was a middle grade), The Hunger Games & City of Bones

(She recommended them on her website) and this is why “SM” is number one on my TOP 3….