Spotlight: Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead…. Oh My Gosh I LOVE HER BOOKS! “RM” is like the crouching tiger hidden dragon of authors!

**Weird but so true fact about “RM”**

*“RM” has 3rd book syndrome*


What’s 3rd book syndrome?

It’s when authors disguise their 1st two books as regular 3 and a half stars and on the 3rd book she or he slaps you w/ awesomeness & leaves you obsessed, & needing more…


When I decided to read “RM’s” Vampire Academy series, I wasn’t expecting much…. I was dissing the cover & the title. I thought it was going to be some mediocre, wannabe, Twilight book.(this was 4 yrs after Twilight, so I read lots of wannabes…), but anyways I read it b/c I needed something to read & the series was recently completed. I read the first book and it was good enough to read the 2nd book, & that was  really good! And then I read the 3rd & BAM!

I was obsessed! After that series I read her Georgina Kincaid  series & the same thing happen on her 3rd book…

This is why “RM” is a TOP FAV!