Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher

Ms. Tarryn Fisher, how are you able to create these despicable characters and manages to make them likable? 

Tarryn Fisher is a genius! The way she weaves and twists her stories to the point where, up is down and good is evil. It’s a total mind f*ck! 

I was scared to read this book! I really was. After the first book, I was completelydrained! There were so many thoughts and emotions, running though my head, to the point where I had to lay my head back and slowly process my feelings.

When I got “ Dirty Red”, and I learned that it was from Leah POV, I was a little weary. I mean there was no way to read “ The Opportunist” and not hate her, but Tarryn Fisher the evil genius she is, made me sympathize with Leah!, the girl that no oneloves. Leah who’s an evil, conniving, bitch, made me look at her differently.

Tarryn fisher, skillfully took these characters that you swear you knew, inside and out, and leaves you wondering, if you really knew anything at all. Her books make you question things; you normally would have taken as is. Her characters leaps off the pages, and forces you to look at them!

Ms. Tarryn Fisher, your work is utterly captivating! Thank you!