You can look at a person and instantly become attracted to them, but you cannot and I repeat you Can Not look at a person and instantly fall in love!


Because, before love, comes obsession, and before obsession, comes attraction.

For Example


SPOTTED: Hot ,gorgeous, blonde guy across the room.


Your eyes are glued to him.

When you notice him leaving your eyesight, you decide to follow him.

When you finally catch up to him, you witness him murder someone right before your eyes.

You scream!

You’re freaking out, your blood is pumping, your head is telling you to run, but for some reason your legs won't obey!

The hot, murderous, blonde guy is looking at you in shock, and shouting terms like mundane, demons, and shadowhunter.

And when you finally calm down and realize you not going to die right away,

you realize that you're intrigued.

You want to know more about this hottie and his world of legal killing.

And before you even realize that you're obsessed, you fall in love.


And then come marriage, and the baby carriage, but that’s not all, that’s not all!

Your vampire hubby didn't realize that the blanks he was shooting were the real deal, (and thank goodness not venom!)

So now you're stuck with some mutant hybrid child.

and let face it,

that child of yours is going to have a major complex for being the only one of its’ kind.

So it’s mission in life would be to create more hybrids, by using the blood of doppelgangers!

But that's neither here nor there.


The point is,


If an author wants to write a love story between two characters, they can't rush through the details on how they fell in love.

It’s the little details that get us readers invested into their story!

It’s your job as an author, to get us readers to fall in love, with your love story!


You caught our attention from the cover and the synopsis.

Now make us obsessed!

And only then, will we fall in love, with you and your writing.


Much Obsession,

Yours Truly,

The Book Obsessed Loser