The Making of a Master Plan



I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Each and every day as a kid I wanted to be something new. I tossed around a few ideas here and there like Princess Jasmine or President but those never really stuck because I wanted to be something badass! Like super spy or kick ass female assassin! I even flirted with the idea of timetraveler, but it was just so hard to pick between them!


Even now being 20yrs old I still can't choose.

The most logical thing to do is to combine them all!

and become the world’s most kickass Spy Assassin out there!


Going back in time and saving myself the torture and heartbreak of reading books that simply

weren't up to my standards.

Forming a HITLIST


and ridding myself a world of disappointment!


So lets play a little game of...


Can you Guess who’s on The Book Obsessed Loser’s HITLIST?


I can barely contain my excitement!

Much Love

Your Local Time Traveling SpyAssassin

The Book Obsessed Loser