I Spy with my little eye,

                       my first target!

Here’s a brief profile I conjured up about the target.



- The target is male

- Goes by “R” but has no name that he remembers

- Has no pulse

- and get this, no personality!


  Which make me wonder how the hell did everyone else love Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion!

The only logical theory that I can come with is that the book gives off some sort of mind control, and for some reason I am immune!


It had to have started with one person, just like all epidemics, and then that person passed it on to another person and then so on and so on.


When I first encountered “Warm Bodies”, it was already widespread. There was a movie set to premiere in a few months and there was youtube videos on how to get the “zombie R” look.


So I decided to see what all the “hoopla” was about and you know what

I liked it.

But for some reason everytime I put the book down I found it harder and harder to pick it back up.

It was like once I stopped reading the fog cleared and I was able to think clearly! And I realized the reason it was so hard to continue was because it was boring!

When I pick up a zombie book I expect there to be violence,

blood, guts, and flesh being ripped apart but all I got was zombies trying to remember how to shag and the Power of Love reversing the zombie effect.

To be honest, I’ve never been as disgusted by love in my entire life and I’ve read Flowers in the Attic(ok watched but you get my point!)


Warm Bodies, you have to go!

Your sad excuse for a love story and lack of zombie killing is an embarrassment to all zombies books!

Much Love

Your Time Traveling SpyAssassin

The Book Obsessed Loser