Mint Condition


I do things backwards.

I treat the things I love like sh*t.

But the things I hate, I keep them in pristine condition.


One of my most prized possessions is a book.

And not just any book, but a Twilight book.

My Twilight book!

Now if you were to see it you’ll swear upon everything that I hated that book,

that I made it my life mission to ruin it!


But that’s simply not the case!

I promise!

I loved that book.

Even after what it became.

You can just call me Dr Frankenstein because this book,

Is my monster.


Like any new book you’ll find inside a book store, my Twilight book was in

mint condition.

It showed none of the foreshadowing of the abuse it would go through in my care.

In the beginning I showed prefect decorum, I was on my best behavior!

I used real bookmarks to keep my place instead of doggy earring.


Now a days I don’t care what I stick in it, as long as it gets the job done. I’m not picky.

(Wait did that come off dirty? Whoops!)


The more I got into the book the less careful I became…

Okay lets be serious,

I devoured that book!

The pages are ripped because I got a little bit too excited while turning the pages trying to see what happens next.

The pages have a slight wave to it b/c there was a glass of water and…

Well let just say I’m a tad bit clumsy.

And if you’re wondering about the spine…


Because I broke that bitch right in half!

And a few pieces of scotch tape is the only thing that’s keeping that poor cover intact.

A lot of people when they look at my book would scream abuse, but I honestly don’t see what they see.

Because when I look at my book all I see is beauty!

From its wrinkled, torn pages to its ripped cover to it’s broken spine, all I’ll ever see is my love!

I loved that book!

Word to word,

Sentence to sentence,

Paragraph to paragraph,

Page to page,


Cover to cover

I devoured that book!


Marked to with my love!


Much love

Yours truly

The Book Obsessed Loser