Blurred Lines

Reading can lead to obsession

And if you’re not careful, that can lead to a loose sense of reality


I’m not a very social person but this one night I decided to go out clubbing.

Now here’s a little bit of info about me

I don’t dance.

Okay well I do dance, just not in public, but in the privacy of my own room, because I was not graced with the gift of rhythm.

But that night, I was determined to go out to the club & bust a move.

So I put on my dancing shoes and went.

If you never went clubbing and you want to know what it like.

I’ll give you a hint

It’s euphoric

Everyone is filled with excitement and their energy is bursting off them and gripping on to you.

The music is pounding and reverberating inside your chest, as if it’s trying to consume your body and soul.

It’s electric.


I no longer had to count the beats, because everything just clicked, and I was in total bliss.

It was like I was in my own little world.

A world filled with possibilities.

Like the possibility of the club, I was currently attending was called Pandemonium

And the bodyguards were actually demons under glamour, and somewhere in the mass amount of people on the dance floor where 3 suspicious looking shadowhunters, that no one but I 

could see.

The possibilities were infinite

 I was so engrossed by them,that my dance partner had to physically shake me back to reality. One minute I was dancing and the next…

La La Land

But who knows, maybe I didn’t get lost in my obsessions,


 that night was the beginning of the glamour finally striping away….


And this has been

A glimpse into the life of

Yours truly

The Book Obsessed Loser