I’m Wearing the Finest Silk in the Land but You Can’t Even See It


I’m pretty sure we’ve all read an amazing book. A book that was so good that you practically had no choice but to recommend to people, just as they have no choice to love it.

I’ve read a really good an amazing book, that blew past the standard criteria I have in order to be considered a “good book”, and landed in the area of “I’ll cherish you for life” aka “I’m obsessed”

So after I finished this amazing book I decided to recommend it to someone.

Can you guess what they did?

If you said they didn’t read it…

You’re wrong!

What they did was by far much worse.

They read a part of the beginning chapter and right before everything in the book was about to blow their mind.

They marked it as DNF


That’s like quitting Harry Potter right before finding out he’s a wizard, that there’s a whole world out there filled with mind shattering goodness that will leave you in awe.

And you explain this to them. You tell them to keep reading because it gets better way better! That this little bit that’s holding them back is a test. A test, to see if they’re worthily of it.


Like King Arthur and Excalibur

All they have to do is try a little harder, but they don’t.

You tell them the book is golden,

That King Midas himself touched it…

And they’ll take the book and everything you told them and toss it aside, like the stupid old women at the end the Titanic.


You know who you are,


 You disappoint me.

Much love

Yours truly,

The Book Obsessed Loser