Imaginary Friends


I talk to myself.

Well not really to myself but to the people I imagine.

Before I got into reading, it used to be celebrities.

I’ll be closed up in my room playing cards with my imaginary friend, Justin Timberlake.

If anyone walked past my room at the time they would’ve heard an awkward one-sided conversation, of me turning down JT’s declaration of the undying love.

So naturally when I got into reading my delusions….


Didn’t I already make this post?

Yes I did

Here’s the link

So by now you already know that I have my delusional moments,

And I like to entertain them out loud.

Talking to myself is as much as a hobby to me as reading is.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed an influx of people that now follow my blog.

The whole idea of someone besides my imaginary friends finding my thoughts remotely interesting

Is Bizarre.

In fact

It makes me a little skeptical.

Makes me wonder if you guys are even real.

It has me thinking that

Maybe my imagination took over and this is my very own Inception.

Either way

Whether you’re “real” or “imaginary

I would like to say

Thank you

For finding my thoughts interesting


                                                          Much love

From your possibly imaginary friend,

The Book Obsessed Loser