Fearscape - Nenia Campbell


This book was thrilling!

It’s a dark contemporary thriller but it had this paranormal feel to it, which is mind boggling!

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love villains!

I have a whole post on my blog dedicated to my love for villains.


The fastest way to my heart is through devious behavior!

The more evil you are the more I find you interesting.

If a guy came up to me and told me that he’s a evil soulless, bastard that has every intention of making me his whether I liked it or not…

I’ll be putty in his hands!


That boy was Gavin Mecozzi

If that twisted son of a b*tch said that to me

I think I might die of fear

Like completely



My rabbit of a heart will cease beating and my perfectly fitted skinny jeans would be soaked with piss.

Was that a little bit too crude?

Just trying to make you understand, that there’s a difference between bad guys (AKA villains) and crazy people.

And Gavin is full crazy

And I don’t f*ck with crazy!

Okay I’m lying

Gavin may be sick, deranged, and creep me out to the pit of my soul,


I am utterly Enthralled by him.

One minute I’m melted marshmallow trying cling to his cold chocolate exterior in hopes of making the perfect s’more…

And the next I’m creeped out to the point I want to take a shower, but decide not to for the fear of being Psyhcoed.


Brilliant work


Looking forward to reading the sequel!