Fairy Tales & Make Believe


Books have a way with making you want things; even though you know that it won’t turn out well for you.


I don’t believe in love…

I’m not talking about the love you have for your family and friends…

I’m talking about “everlasting”, “unbreakable”, “forever”, love….

Now I wouldn't call myself a cynic, because anything is possible,

Like big foot and unicorns that fart rainbows…

But I consider that kind of “love” a fairy tale, something fun to read about and wish upon a star for…

But that’s it.

One of my favorite stories from J.K Rowling beside, “HP” would have to be the Warlock’s Hairy Heart.


Now if you have not read this short story from her, I highly suggest you do that, before you continue reading this.

 Because this post will pretty much spoil it for you.

So read it.

And come back!



So anyways,

I loved the story of the warlock and his hairy heart.

 Absolutely adored it!

It’s a cautionary tale, about keeping yourself open and not denying yourself the chance of experiencing something new…

And if you read the story, you’ll know that the warlock didn't want to fall in love…

So he cast a spell and then “poof” there goes his chances of love…

But later on, he decides to change his mind

Then Bam

It destroyed him!


I think the whole idea of everlasting, blah, blah, blah love is amazing!

& I would've loved to experience it…

But I have no doubt in my mind now, that it would destroy me.

And it’s all b/c of Tarryn


You know the saying,

“These characters are a work of fiction and if they remind you of yourself or anyone you know then stop reading…”

Yeah well I didn't get that warning, while reading the Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher.

The main character Olivia was a blast to read, being in her head was amazing for me!

There were so many moments in the book were Olivia thought like me and responded to things the way I would.

And it was wonderful to know that there are other people out there like me… even if they’re fictional characters in books…

And I was so sucked into this story, in Olivia’s life, that when something happened to her and she broke…

I did too.

It was like reading my future… in a book.

If I were a witch, my heart would be hairy, because I know deep down w/o a doubt that “true unbreakable love” is a fairy tale.

And the moment I decide to change my mind…

I will be crying in the fetal position with mascara rolling down my face, burning into my eyes creating more tears to fall.

Trying to protect whatever little pieces I have left of myself, from the unbearable pain of feeling like my soul is being ripped apart, while I watch the tiny shreds of hope I once had being slowly burned into ashes in front of my face.

Making me, hate whatever part of me that ever wished for a happy ever after.


From my hairy heart,

To your perfectly good one,

Yours truly,

The Book Obsessed Loser