Q. What do you get when you mix pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia?

A. Your average Young Adult Paranormal Romance…


Too dirty of a joke?

Well, you should’ve heard the original!


All jokes aside….


Let’s be serious!

Werewolves are sexy!

And I have no problem with necrophilia as long as the corpse is a vampire

But I do have a problem with is feeling like a pedophile for swooning over some 15 to 16 year old KID!

And here’s where the whole “point” of this post comes in!

I want to start a petition!


For Cassie Clare, and all other authors alike to make their future characters of legal age! 18 and older!

We (their fan base) are aging and we don’t want to read about some 16 year old kid accomplishing more in life then we ever will!

       If you believe in this petition… feel free to leave your name below… (I’ll be sure to add it to the list)

I’ll go first 

  1. The Book Obsessed Loser