Old Fashioned

 I consider myself a modern girl.

I have a cell phone (that I don’t use)

laptop (that I use all the time)

And I have played Angry Birds, once in my 20 years of my existence….

I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter but I do have a form of social media (Book Likes! And Goodreads…)

But as modern as I am… there is one thing, I will always be old fashioned about!

My books!

I like my books, like I like my men….

On paper!

prefer actual physical books to any Ereader out there!

I can hear you now…

“Don’t knock till you try it!”

But I did try it…

I tried it for 2 months and I liked it.

But the out of nowhere it decided to stop working.

I didn’t drop it,

Didn’t accidentally spill water on it, and I'm d*mn sure didn’t throw it against the wall!

But for no apparent reason…

My kindle decided to permanently freeze on a disfigured portrait of Jules Verne!


Who the heck is Jules Verne?

Is Jules Verne going to repay me for the books I lost?

Did my ancestors harm him in the past and this is his delayed payback?



Then why?!

Why is my Kindle frozen on him?!

I can throw a book against the wall,

I can stomp on it,

I can accidentally spill water on it,

And I will still be able to read it!

And it sure as hell wouldn’t freeze on some random portrait of JULES VERNE!


Wondering why I’m being punished

Yours truly

The Book Obsessed Loser