Today I started thinking about evolution… not really about the whole “man was once apes” thing, but about the evolution of me and my reading desires

I wonder where the whole “man was once apes” theory came from anyways.

I know in school they taught us about Darwin, but I never really cared about his whole “theory” but now I do wonder where he came up with this whole idea that humans were once animals

Since I didn't pay attention in class, I can only guess that it’s because we act like animals sometimes…

We're territorial with an animalistic hunger.

Hunger for growth, love, lust, and power!

There’s an insatiable beast inside us that needs and wants more!


I noticed that, what once would’ve satisfied my desires, in the beginning of my reading journey, wouldn’t be enough for me now…

I just got so used to reading books with similar aspects, that

Tragic deaths and forbidden love is not enough for me anymore.

I’m starting to feel a little inhuman.

I’ve stopped caring if a main character dies...

The only thing I require is that their death should be epic!

I no longer care about impossible love or damaged heroes….

    because in my mind...


And No character who steps into my arena is SAFE

I demand BLOOD, GUTS, and LOVE so forbidden it’ll make you sick to your stomach


The more I read, the more the need grows.

I don’t believe we were once apes but with each page I turn, I feel a little bit more… beastly.


Forever embracing the beast inside of me,

The Book Obsessed Loser