Follow the Yellow Brick Road... or Else!


Have you ever been embarrassed to do something for the fear of being judged?

 How about reading a certain book?

If so you shouldn’t!

You can’t let the fear of judgment hold you back from doing what you like!

Who come up w/ these rules anyways?

Some wizard hiding behind some curtain that won people over with his sleight of hand?

And now everyone must fall in line and judge others, who chooses not to do the same…


If you want to read some book about some scarred up kid who happens to be a wizard, or some girl who falls into the world of shadowhunters, werewolves, and vampires oh my!

Then that’s your prerogative!

Same thing goes for the person that likes to read a certain book about a girl that somehow gets tied up into the world of BDSM. Like my pun there? “Tied up”… get it?


Any ways, when you think about it …

Our world is filled w/ blind followers and hypocrites!

When you’re a kid, you’re told to be creative, but once you’re older…. They tell you to color within the lines….

And when you watched Beauty and the Beast as a kid you’re told its okay to enjoy it, but when you’re older and decide to read 50 Shades of Grey…..

                                           OH THE SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                     

And right about now you’re wondering…..

“What does 50 Shades of Grey have to do with Beauty and the Beast?”


Think about it!

A certain girl captures the interest of a elusive man, who decides to bring her into his world of Dominance & Submission. The girl gives up her freedom and eventually falls head over heels in love….


It’s really the same thing….

Except Anastasia had a safe word, while Belle was held captive until the Beast had a change of heart….

One’s a love story, about being beautiful inside and out, while the other is…


Dirty, Dirty



I probably ruined Beauty and the Beast for you…

Or made it better, depending on your preference…


Either way, have no shame!

p.s you're a liar if you say this isn't kinky


From My POV

to Yours,

The Book Obsessed Loser