Wishful Thinking


Reading is amazing!

 The only thing better than it, is reading with a friend!

 So you can gush over the epic adventure the book took you on, and have ongoing discussions on what type of vampire you’ll be. And in spite of the fact that people like to make fun of Twilight; you know that if you had a choice you would rather be a sparkling, indestructible vampire with a chance of gaining a supernatural power than a vampire that can’t even catch a few rays w/out going up in flames…

But we’re not talking about Twilight today…


We’re talking about me,

The Book Obsessed Loser

Now they’re a lot of people that are obsessed with books to where they totally geek out to the point of loserdom, but the difference between me and them is that they have friends…. And if you read my last post [R.A Meeting] you’ll know that I’m a terrible person to be friends with….

Anyways when you read an amazing book, what do you automatically want to do?

Rave about it to your friends of course!

But like I said earlier, I don’t have friends… but I do have an older brother.

So, I talk about my obsessions with him… and sometimes I can even force him to read a book that I believe is imperative to living a meaningful life, (i.e. Twilight & Vampire Academy) and as much as he enjoys them and likes talking about the cool action packed things in it… he will never be interested in talking about how Adrian Ivashkov looks sexy w/ his hair pushed back.

So where does that leave me?

I’ll tell you…

It leaves me with an overactive imagination, filled with thoughts and imaginary scenarios, with no friends to share them with….

But, if I did have a friend…

They’ll agree that Twilight (the book) is still a better love story then Twilight (the movie)….

They’ll believe in their heart that If Sebastian Verlac ever dressed up for Halloween, he’ll dress as a duck, and the first door he’ll terrorize would be Jace’s….

 They’ll aspire to become a Dhampir, and to kill Strigoi, but not for Moroi, but for the pure thrill of it!

And they’ll share my same passion for villains!

It will be amazing!

But that’s all wishful thinking…

Knowing me…

 Our friendship would not last….

We’ll end up fighting over who loves Magnus more or who gets to claim Sebastian as theirs on the weekend….


And then there will be a huge cat fight that would put all other cat fights to shame.







My book boyfriends!

I lay claim on Magnus, Sebastian, Valentine, and Adrian.

They are mine!

And the sad thing is that, although, I do live in an imaginary world in my head…..

My actual physical body is in the real world.

And if a friend magically turns up missing… you can’t blame it a random vampire attack.

 So the moral of this story is….

You can gush over my book boyfriends

But do not for one second think that he’s yours.


Beaucoup d'amour,

Your future friend,

                                             The Book Obsessed Loser