~~R.A MEETING~~ “Readers Anonymous"


“Hey my name is Book Obsessed Loser and ….

I’m unstable…

Sometime I’m happy…. And the next second, I’m ready to break some sh*t.

And it’s all because of reading!

I remember I was reading in my room, it was a really good book, and the main characters were expressing their epic declaration of love….it was a very intense moment!! And once they were finally about to kiss…. I was interrupted, by my mother.

Now, I love my mother, w/ all my heart, but she just disrupted a very intense moment in my reading….totally ruined the moment for me!

And I was pissed!

I went all types of silent gangsta in my room!


I was ready to break sh*t! I wanted to throw my book across the room!

I wanted to, but I didn’t…

Like I said it was a very intense moment….

I know what you’re thinking…

“Why so angry, Book Obsessed Loser?”

Because no matter how many times I’ll re-read this book, feelings and built up emotion will never compare to the 1st (almost) time….

I’m a horrible pet owner

Doggy wants to play!

Me:… No

Doggy wants attention!

Me: No!

Doggy has to go potty!

Me: Go in the corner, I’ll clean later…

Doggy whimpers…




I’m a terrible friend….

Friend: I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do….


Me: Katniss had to go in to the hunger games… I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Friends: Hey, were all going out later, do you want to come?

Me: Hmmm? Hang out with friends or break in to Gringotts with Harry and his friends… I’ll pick Gringotts!


I’m unreliable…

Tell me to do something… and I will never get done!

I’m so immersed in reading to take time out, for your mundane task….


So, to wrap this up… I’m unstable, a horrible pet owner, a terrible friend, and unreliable….and it’s all b/c of reading

But do I quit?


I rather read, than become a better person…

Wow that’s sound terrible…



Thank you for listening.


much love,

The Book Obsessed Loser