Young Readers’ Revolution


Today I have a more serious post for you…and it’s for the young and easily impressed readers…



Stop giving your stars away freely!


Make these authors work for it!

Yes, those last 2 books were amazing & deliciously awesome, but you can’t go around throwing all your stars away in one review.


You have to play hard to get! Once these authors get comfortable because they know they can rewrite the dictionary and still get 5 star reviews…

They’ll know they have you & they’ll take you for granted!


You'll make them famous, rich, and want for nothing, while they’re watching their books get made into movies & leaving you, the reader, they’re #1 fan, waiting 6+ years for a sequel…(yes I’m talking about you Stephenie!)


Learn from my mistakes!

And make these authors your bitches!

Or you’ll be theirs…