A glimpse into the psychotic thoughts of yours truly… The Book Obsessed Loser. Enjoy!

Now I have always been a weird and delusional kid… even before I became obsessed with reading, because, Baby… I was born this way

I remember I was 12yrs old and I went to my first concert to see Lil’ BowWow perform….

I was so excited! I was a huge BowWow fan!

“You just don't know!
The way he moved so fast across the floor…
he was running through my mind, like all the time
To the point that I just wanna take him home”

Lol I’m not kidding!

 While he was performing, I had all these thoughts in my head about running in to him back stage and telling him how amazing he was… and then we’ll stare into each other eyes and fall in love…..

So of course my overactive imagination will only grow more delusional when I started reading.

For Example, while reading City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare, I inserted myself into the book. Not just reading the book and thinking about how I would react in that situation. No I put myself  In The Book….

Now take a minute to digest that….

I made myself a character… and not just any character, a main character…she was a witch and not just any witch….she was also half fairy…

She had a demon mark of course!

A pair of angel wings, that she can fold into her body, so she can wear regular human clothes, and natural blue hair gifted from her fairy genetics.  I debated heavily on whether or not she had a lion tail…. Still not sure…


Yep…I had a character description….and a plot.

Here’s the jist of it.

My character was held since birth by the Seelie Queen as punishment for the demon who dared to impregnate a fairy. After years of being imprisoned, my character breaks out of the Seelie Court, using some Expelliarmus charm she learned in a dream from a mysterious man who gave who gave her one mission… Find the High Warlock of Brooklyn…..

There’s more to it but think leave for a part 2…..or not…I don’t want scare you awesome people away with my crazy thoughts.