An Unexpected Trip into Creepyville


Today I have a story for you, about a book obsessed loser, who ponders a question and ends up… stepping into Creepyville. 


“If I’m in love with a character from a book… a book written by a female author…does that make me lesbian?


What if those characters make me swoon? What if I have naughty thoughts about them… the same characters written and created by said female author?

Maybe I should embrace the fact, that I maybe a lesbian…

Instead of saying “Ohhh Edward I love you! Let me be your spider monkey,

I should probably say “Oooh Stephenie Meyer! The way your mind works make me want to lock up in my basement and force you to rewrite your books for me and replace Bella’s name with The Book Obsessed Loser…

[As you probably can already tell… our loser is going off on a tangent]


By the way, Stephenie Meyer…..IF YOU LOVE ME AT ALL! You’ll write the sequel to The Host…it’s been 6 YEARS!

Or any book….just show me that you’re as committed to our relationship as I am!

Why don’t you love me?

Much love,

The Book Obsessed Loser