Thief - Tarryn Fisher

I finished it…the emotional journey is over… 
Everyone gave this book 5 stars, while I give it 4…
Why did I give it a 4? Maybe because I’m an evil lil' twat , that I don’t believe in endings…or maybe… jusssst maybe some sick and demented part of me, is holding that star, that shiny lil’ star, hostage until I get moreBOOKS FROM YOU TARRYN!
I absolutely loved this book! 
It mended my broken soul after what The Opportunist, put me through!
But it also left me wanting more… 
More Leah… Yeah I said Leah! I love that evil, vindictive bitch!
More Sam! I didn’t get enough of him…
More Noah…I want to hear more about his past.
I just want more!
And p.s. Tarryn [and I say Tarryn b/c I believe in my mind we are on a first name basis] I stalked your website and found out about your top secret YA books…all I have to say is… I’m waiting.
And also…. I wasn’t kidding about keeping your star hostage…..MEET MY DEMANDS TARRYN!
And you’ll get your star.