Crockpot Theories

Hunger Games edition 

What I have to say today is a tad bit controversial…

Now, I’ve never kept it a secret that that I didn’t like the 3rd  book in the Hunger Games series. Nor did I care for the 2nd…, but I love the 1st book!

Now here’s where my Crockpot theory comes in!

I think Suzanne Collins was warning us readers, on how our heroine Katniss Everdeen was going to let us down it the last two books…

How was she “supposedly” warning us you may ask?

Well I’ll tell you!

The title!

…….Wait! Don’t write me off as loco yet!

I have Proof!

In Hunger Games, Katniss was nicked named “the girl on fire” right? B/c she kicked major ass!

And then we read the 2nd book, Catching Fire… which in my opinion wasn’t as good as the 1st.

And now I’ll ask you why?

Hell even Suzanne Collins (supposedly) told you why!

Look at the title…

Catching Fire

I underlined catching b/c Katniss didn’t have the fire anymore! She wasn’t “the girl on fire” any more, she was broken… b/c that’s what the Hunger Games does to you…

And let’s not forget

Mockingjay !

Again I underline mocking b/c that’s exactly what Katniss was in the last book…

A shell of what she once was…

Pretending (or Mocking) to be the old Katniss that we know and love.

This is where I end my crock pot theory because it’s becoming a rant… but damn it! I get that Suzanne Collins was trying to tell us about war & how devastating it is to the people in it… but damn it if I wanted  to read something realistic then I would have read something under the genre “NONFICTION!”

But I digress….


Mockingjay Sucked!!!!!!