Let’s play a little game of F*ck, Kill, Marry!



Here are the rules!

1. Pick out 3 of you fav characters & state which book or series they’re from!

2. Decide which one you want to F*ck, Kill, or Marry! (You can only pick one for each)

3. Explain your reasons why!

4. Enjoy the fun!

Okay I’ll go first!

My top 3 fav characters are

1. Magnus Bane (from “the Mortal Instruments” and “the Infernal Devices” series)

2. Adrian Ivashkov (from the “Vampire Academy” and “Bloodline” series)

3.Valek (from the “Study” and “Glass” series)

After much internal struggle, I finally came to the conclusion that I will…(drum roll)

F*ck Adrian…. I would love to spend a life time w/ him reenacting “Beautiful Mind” whenever spirit takes over… it’s just that, I gave my heart away to another…

I will kill Valek… though I do love him! And would love to see him sneaking into my bed room window in his all black spy get up, for a little “Afternoon Delight”, it’s just that he always puts the Commander first…and I’m not okay with that!

And last, but defiantly not least!

I will marry Magnus Bane!

I will not get in to how much I love Magnus & the reasons why, but I will say that I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning surrounded and immersed in glitter!