Battling the English accent


I’m an American girl from the south. So my natural accent has a twang to it… not a full on twang, but I do say y’all instead of you all…

So where does my battle w/ the English accent come in?

1 name 7 books & reading aloud instead of silently.

Since I don’t want to constantly write “battle w/ the English accent”, I will shorten it to “BEA”.

My BEA didn’t start off as a battle. It was just something fun do while reading Harry Potter for the first time.

How it started

I was 15 yrs old at the time and I need something to read. My 9th grade teacher told us to pick any book off her shelf and keep it as an end of the school year gift.

I was really into reading (because I just finished the first two twilight books) anyways, I picked Harry Potter. My classmates were looking at me like I was weird and saying things like “Really, you picked Harry Potter”… but I didn’t care! This was my chance to read “HP” after years of being denied its awesomeness!

When I started the first book I decided to read it aloud… & w/ an accent, to make the experience a bit more fun…

And thus the BATTLE of the ENGLISH ACCENT begun…

At first I didn’t see it as a problem…

The reasonable side of me would say

“Hey… you have a problem…you’re not just reading “HP” w/ your fake accent, you’re reading everything w/ it. And I noticed 5x today, you were using it out in public!.... and there wasn’t a book in sight!

And I’ll respond (in an English accent of course)

“Bloody Hell! I was just having a little fun! Don’t be such a wanker!”

Needless to say, my BEA gotten out of control.

I slowly but surely I kicked the habit!

 I no longer use the accent…sometimes I do relapse but that’s only when discussing a book….

Anyways my BEA problem will no longer control my life…

And to anyone who says different…

Sod off you chav! I’m doing the best I can!


Any who... nice chatting w/ you mates! Cheerio!